About us


We’re Not Just an Advertising Network. We’re a Team

MediaLooker has been providing online advertising services to advertisers, publishers, and consumers since 1998. Over the years, we’ve developed new techniques and taken innovative strides to take our advertising technologies to the next level.

Isn't Just Technology

It isn’t just the technology that makes MediaLooker great.

The individuals that make up our team directly impact the success of our clients. We’re made up of experienced marketers, publishers, advertisers, developers, designers, and more, who are all aiming for one thing: To meet your online advertising goals.

Running thousands of campaigns a year for 150+ agencies means we know what works. We know what works for the region, for specific countries and for any segment your client is after.
That means we’ll craft a winning strategy, negotiate rates that fit your budget and ensure smooth execution.

Our exclusive media representation of top brands gives you broad regional reach or lets you drill down to reach the specific audience segment you’re after. Drill down even further with MediaLooker our online performance ad network. Our special software lets you optimize every campaign with the best-performing ad formats, website mix and pricing model for your audience.
Relationships with 3,500+ media in Brazil and Latin America deepen our reach beyond the brands we exclusively represent or own. Explore the media solutions that medialookercan deliver for your brand.

We’ll spike your revenues in two ways. First, our long-standing relationships with top advertisers are the already-open doors for your brand. Second, our on-the-ground experience gained in thousands of campaigns means we’ll position your brand powerfully to the market.