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MediaLooker has an array of solutions for all your video advertising and monetization needs. Whether you need to be front and center with your users or you’re looking for a more subtle approach, we have the solutions to make your campaigns a success.

About Video

Video Content is a “Must”

Given that there are so many devices to display ads and view content, audiences are more dispersed than ever. Advertisers now have to find ways to optimize their digital video campaigns with high quality and with maximum reach. We have a vast video network with high rank video partners and content providers. We guarantee our technology will deliver the right audiences to multiple channels as well as multiple devices. Do you want the ultimate reach and awareness for your brand? We’ll get you started.

Multiple Video Sulotions

Using Video to Your Advantage

The audience you seek is not online anymore. The medium you advertise on is not solely the computer. Your audience is moving beyond conventional content like text ads and articles. Advance your brand’s reach by broadcasting your message to all audiences on all devices. Use our targeting technology coupled with the compelling, storytelling power of video. With our video platform — motion, sound, graphics and your message will combine seamlessly together.

Our Solutions

  • PreRollStream
    Ads that are displayed before a video is played, to maximize audience anticipation
  • MidRollStream
    Ads are played in the middle of a video to grab the attention of viewers
  • Video Slider
    Above-the-fold video ads that guarantee views and revenue
  • VideoSense
    Video advertising and revenue platform that incorporates real-time bidding to ensure that only the best and most relevant ads are displayed
  • FooterRoll
    An engaging toolbar that combines the power of video, search, and social media into one product


All of MediaLooker’s solutions work beautifully on smartphones and tablets so you won’t miss out on converting and monetizing the millions of mobile users in the market.

IAB Compliant

In addition, you can rest easy knowing that MediaLooker is compliant with all the standards and guidelines of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

What the MediaLooker Platform Provides for you

  • Target the Right Audience – Get the highest quantity of optimal views from users who will most likely act upon your message.
  • Prevent Click Fraud – Stop losing money on fake clicks and views. We review and analyze traffic to make sure the right traffic comes in.
  • Our Videos on Any Device – Our platform, our publishers support all major devices from desktop to mobile to tablet.

Video is the Medium of Today and Tomorrow

Here are some numbers: Over 170 million users watch videos online; Over 70 million users watch videos on mobile devices. There are a lot of different devices, platforms and file formats. We understand that and we are aggressively researching, testing and encoding the latest technologies to get your videos ads on the latest devices. We deliver video ads but there’s more to it.


  • Our platform not only delivers video ads in the correct format, but we make sure that it goes to your target audience with highly optimized ad copy and keywords.
  • Our video platform guarantees higher viewer engagement through added interactive features with social media links, surveys, polls and infolinks. Ads can be geo-targeted or personally targeted to the viewer.

Our Aim: Deliver More Than a Video Ad

You can choose companies who will just put your ad “out there”, but if you want your ads to be delivered to your target audience and be personally tailored to them, request a consultation now! Your account will be active within minutes and your ads will be live soon after.