Mobile Video Ad Serving Platform Opens Up Mobile Web Inventory To Advertisers

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Working alongside several brands and advertisers, AdSpruce has perfected its mobile ad serving platform, providing dynamic ad delivery, adaptive encoding, tracking and comprehensive reporting for advertisers and publishers alike. The AdSpruce Native Ad Server is the only mobile ad delivery platform of its kind to deliver a high volume of reach and scale, providing advertisers with access to new and exclusive audiences who are very hard to reach through traditional marketing techniques.

The ad delivery platform allows brands and agencies to stream their video content directly to the hands of consumers via premium mobile TV publishers, websites and social video platforms. By drawing upon AdSpruce’s proprietary technology and experience in delivering mobile video, brands are able to mobilise their video campaigns through a variety of interactive ad formats, thus creating non-intrusive, long-form advertising spots with high engagement rates that simultaneously entertain and inform their audience.

The AdSpruce platform comprises a range of proprietary technologies and a cloud-based video ad server infrastructure, which dynamically optimises video delivery for any device worldwide under variable network conditions. As well as including AdSpruce’s own comprehensive tracking and reporting metrics the platform also supports a range of 3rd party tracking such as VAST and ad formats like YouTube videos.

Ian Mullins (pictured), CEO of AdSpruce, believes the success of the ad serving platform lies in its compatibility with any device and its backend ad server infrastructure.

“Our ad serving platform was designed to show video ads in the highest possible quality in all network conditions,” said Mullins. “Our technology optimizes the viewing experience for the user and if the user has a good advertising experience not only does this mean more qualified clicks for brands but it also means the consumer will continue using our publisher partner’s website, creating a sustainable advertising business model for all involved.”

Ryan Davies, Marketing Manager for AdSpruce, spoke of their growing publisher network and tracking: “We want to give advertisers and brands a premium ad delivery experience that is persistent with the quality of their TV and desktop offering, both in terms of the quality of the delivery and the prestige of the publishers. On top of that we strive to deliver transparent reporting and metrics so brands know exactly where their ads have been shown and how successful they have been.”

Whilst reaching feature phones and multimedia phones has previously played a minor role for mobile advertising, largely due to technology constraints, AdSpruce’s new technology opens the advertising market up to an estimated three billion feature phone users. Smartphones may be on the rise but feature phone sales are still on a par with smartphone purchases as sales data reveal that 49.3% of the 426 million mobile devices sold in Q1 2013 were feature phones (Gartner, May 2013).

With a host of premium TV and video publishers currently signed up and hundreds of advertising campaigns delivered, AdSpruce is emerging as a leader in the mobile video advertising industry.

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