IAB Shares Their 2015 Predictions: Highest paying ad network “2015 Will Be A Big Year For Mobile”

IAB Shares Their 2015 Predictions: Highest paying ad network “2015 Will Be A Big Year For Mobile”

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With 2014 coming to an end, many industry leaders are sharing their predictions and what they expect from 2015. Anna Bager, Scott Cunningham and Mike Zaneis of IAB share their thoughts on the new year ahead.

Anna Bager, SVP and GM of Mobile and Video at IAB

  • Mobile:

o   2015 will be a key year for gaining a better understanding of measurement in mobile as well as cross screen

o   We will be able to get a clearer picture of growing mobile media consumption among consumers, potentially shifting buyer perceptions and behaviors in the process

o   There will be increased interest in the areas of mobile programmatic and mobile data

  • Video:

o   We will be focused on providing meaningful guidance around video creative and delivering, including frequency capping, ad skipping best practices, etc.

o   There will be a rise in original content production — often from unexpected sources. This uptick will help solve for the current “lack of inventory” problem and potentially drive the industry ahead in creating better business models and further increase monetization opportunities.

Scott Cunningham, VP of Technology and Ad Operations at IAB

  • Automated Direct: 2014 kept the momentum going in discussion surrounding the safety of the supply chain. We will see more focus in 2015 on automated direct in programmatic, and we’ll see companies’ M&A strategies follow suit – with newly acquired units allowing them to now be in direct relationships with sellers. Ultimately, these marketplace shifts will require that compliance programs have a bigger role to play in the name of transparency.
  • Fraud: 2014 was the year that we talk about wasted ad spend on fraud, 2015 will bring more conversation about the wasted ad spend on inefficiencies in the supply chain. Stakeholders are going to put the focus on ad operations – looking at how it matures, finding ways to reduce fiction and costs.

Mike Zaneis, EVP Public Policy and General Counsel at IAB

  • Tax reform: Tax reform efforts will put tremendous pressure on the advertising industry as a repeal of the tax deductibility of advertising could cost our companies billions in ad revenue.
  • Global trade: In the area of global trade, there is a real opportunity for the White House and Congress to work together to promote greater trade in digital goods and services, including digital advertising, with our European and Asian-Pacific partners.  Congress is awaiting action on the Trade Promotion Authority Act, which would empower the President to fast track new free trade agreements.
  • Congress: Common thinking is that a Republican-controlled Congress will not push new privacy restrictions onto the advertising industry, however, this dynamic could actually cut the other way.  The 114th Congress will be very active and Republican leaders have already announced their intention to greatly expand the number of session days and to expect a flurry of legislative activity.  We will likely see action on data breach legislation and reform of government data practices.  Either of these vehicles could provide an opportunity for more burdensome commercial privacy provisions to be attached and moved through the process.
  • Cable regulations: There will also begin a serious effort to reform decades old regulations governing cable and telecommunications services.  A rewrite of these massive laws will bring up a host of issues about data usage and consumer protections.  This process will also establish the new framework governing the migration of TV-quality video content to digital platforms, often referred to as Over The Top offerings.

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