High-End Video Production Doesn’t Mean Bigger Or Better ROI

High-End Video Production Doesn’t Mean Bigger Or Better ROI

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It’s commonly assumed that creating effective video advertising means spending big money. But what if I told you that you could spend a fraction of your budget while providing enormous value to your marketing campaign, customers, and end goal? Thanks to the constant evolution of technology and a grown-up consumer market, the future is here, and it’s full of relevant, effective, and affordable options for creating video.

The New Wave in Video
Video is a highly effective advertising medium. A powerful series of images and compelling commentary can suck a viewer in and induce sidesplitting laughs or a relentless stream of tears in seconds. But the nature of quick-hitting digital media drives the need for equally quick-hitting video marketing and advertising content that doesn’t sacrifice ROI.

Affordable video can get your message across with less time, money and expertise than ever. Whether it’s ELLE Magazine’s adorable digitally-aided teacup pigs video or last year’s crowdsourcedALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze, with a quicker pace to market, these videos cut right through traditional ROI to help digital campaigns achieve a new level of profitability.

Invest in Video Without the Sticker Shock

Not sure how you can incorporate less expensive videos into your strategy? Technology is making it easier than ever. Here are three ways to reap the benefits of engaging video production without the hefty price tag.

1. Get creative with distribution. Short-form social media outlets such as Vine and Instagram offer new opportunities to connect with your audience without breaking the bank. Take your reach a step further by partnering with popular Vine and Instagram personalities who have the audience reach you need. After all, the five most influential figures for teens are online video entertainers.

A notable example of this kind of brand partnership is Buick’s recent promotion with Vine star Zach King. The brand tapped into King’s millions of followers by partnering with him to create several fun visual effects videos for its Vine account.

2. Reuse and repurpose. You can also reduce production costs by licensing and repurposing previously existing materials rather than creating your own from scratch. Look to licensed stock footage and ready-made graphics repositories such as Shutterstock and Getty Images.

For example, a wedding stylist might want to show footage of a couple getting engaged. If the stylist can secure the rights to use repurposed video, it will cost significantly less than hiring a crew and shooting original video. Another option is to partner with a company that has licensed partnerships with content providers and offers users access to this content in real time for all of their videos.

3. Automate whatever you can. Nobody needs a reminder that new and disruptive technologies are emerging all the time. The same law holds true for video creation technologies such as Videoscribe. Computer-aided video production technologies can help you drive video production costs down, leaving more room in your budget for influencers, promotions, and media programming.

The logic is flawless: Why pay more when you can get the same results for less? Join high-end publishers, brands, and individuals in the battle against excessive video costs by investing in high-ROI computer-aided video production tools that pack a relevant and timely punch.

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