The art of content creation and the science of measurement

The art of content creation and the science of measurement

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Successful brands not only create engaging content, but they also measure the performance of that content. Columnist Jim Yu outlines four steps to help you balance the art and science of content marketing.

Half of all B2B and B2C companies say they will increase their spending related to content marketing in the coming year. This growth means there will be even more content, more competition and higher standards for those who want to succeed.

From the consumer standpoint, the online content world has seen shifts in levels of interest and activity. For both desktop and mobile, it’s become increasingly clear that the key to succeeding in this competitive digital landscape is to have a precise understanding of what customers want to see and providing it for them.

Your content needs to resonate with the audience and drive them toward a call to action or conversion.

Balancing art and science

Successful content is driven by a careful balance between art and science. On the art side of the scale, you need to apply psychology and creativity to develop a story that engages people.

You’re focusing on how your content makes people feel and how well it motivates them. You need to think outside the box to have a better understanding of what people want to see.

On the science side, you need to measure your progress and results so that you can clearly see how well your content is performing and the direction you want to take moving forward. You’re thinking about strategy, lead generation and how well your content production aligns with other groups, like your sales team.

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