We believe in results. Our professional, expert campaign managers partner daily with advertisers to maximize success.
We help make your campaigns more successful by driving pure performance.

We have a dedicated login for your statistics and you will be able to see your campaigns progress realtime.

Please feel free to inquire about our dedicated creative services department which could assist you if you need custom advertising images made or wish to add animation to your existing static creatives…

No matter what you use, Medialooker will ensure you get the best service and the best results.

Our Goal is to make you a partner for life.

Ad Formats

Medialooker uses the most advanced ad serving technology which is pixel track enabled and optimized for your specific campaign. We have the option to use creative preload to ensure your ad has finished loading and shown to your intended audience.

• Pop-Up Ads
• Pop-Under Ads
• Banners
• Squares
• Sky-scrapers
• Leaderboards
• Video ads in all formats
• Co-Registration

Our first-class engineering team is available to support your integration efforts for mobile and third party ad serving or to help you establish new video advertising capabilities within your custom player or any other type of video format. Keeping our partners up-to-date with the latest video ad serving technologies is essential for us to generate the largest volume of premium campaigns.

Fast Personalized Service

When your campaigns succeed, our network succeeds. It is our top priority to build long-term relationships with our advertisers. That’s why advertisers at Meta Network are each assigned an experienced account manager whose job is to provide you with the promptest, most professional ad management solutions on the market. Always thinking out of the box, our account managers will propose fresh and creative ways for you to advertise for your specific product niche.