10 Easy Tips to Increase Web Traffic

10 Easy Tips to Increase Web Traffic

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Get more traffic to your website by using these 10 simple tips.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Add a Link from Your Instagram
Take advantage of the space Instagram gives you to add a link to your site. This way, people can easily check your site and find more about you after checking your interesting IG posts.

2. Add a Link from Your Pinterest Profile
Just like Instagram, you can include a link to your site from your Pinterest account. This will not only help people discover you, it also helps you level up your site’s SEO by pointing more profiles at it from your different social media accounts.

3. Use Buffer to Share Multiple Times
Give people more opportunities to read your posts by using Buffer to schedule and share it multiple times in the future. Just use whatever schedule works best for your readers.

4. Share on Pinterest
Get people to check your site by creating attractive visuals to go with your products or articles and share them on Pinterest with relevant hashtags. Start by checking out Kissmetric’s ultimate guide to Pinterest and don’t forget to include a link back to your site.

5. Share Articles on Instagram
Just like any other social media platforms, texts in Instagram are limited for every post. Use tools like Canva to quote an idea from your article, make an image out of it and share the picture on Instagram. Just make sure you tell people to go to your site to read the full article.

6. Do a “Share Exchange” on Instagram
List Instagram accounts related to your niche and offer to do a share-exchange. It’s just like guest posting for social media where you could share one of their posts (branded with their URL) and in return, they share one of yours. Take advantage of this strategy especially if your followers are the same size with the account your exchanging with.

7.Add Sharing Buttons
Obviously, this tip is a no-brainer. Adding social sharing buttons in your site is a big must even if you are still starting. It is an easy way to encourage other people to share your content on social media platforms and increase web traffic.

8. Facebook Groups
One of the easiest ways to share content to people interested in your niche is to find Facebook groups related to your field and pick the ones with most people and activity. But do not over plug yourself in these groups or else you may get blocked so make sure to read the group’s site rules and regulations. Get started by checking our Post Planner for some ideas to get the most of your Facebook Groups.

9. Post in Google Groups
Try to find Google Groups that fit your niche, share articles or ideas and get people to check on your site by always including a link to your posts.

10. Update Your Email Signature
Strengthen your credential in your website and email, and posts by including your email signature and set your name to link to your site.

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